Subsidies minus60 from SLG for new lighting

Subsidies for energy saving in the new lighting - SLG
What are the specifications?
A complete renewal of the lighting system should above all bring energy savings and reduce the environmental impact. This can already easily reduce some costs, especially for your own company. For those plants where the energy saving of the new lighting is now at least 60%, we can now obtain a subsidy with the correct planning documents.

The only requirements are the 60% energy savings.

How do I submit my project?

You do not have to worry about that at MTS. The project is planned either way. Then we will do all the calculations and organize the necessary documents. After planning, the application will be submitted and accepted once all conditions have been met. For the payment of the subsidy we submit the final invoice. Samples of various projects are reviewed annually.


If you are now ready to change your lighting, just ask us on 041 787 03 66 or, we accompany your project from A-Z.

Pascal Furer, 28.5.2018


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