Our Services for:


• International operating Companies

• Wire harness manufacturers and machine producers

• Manufacturers of industrial processing machines

• Operators of Light Rail systems

• Companies with production facilities

• Office floor owners and tenants

• Owners and tenants of  sales rooms

• Architects and Engineers

• Experts for safety

• Constructors

• Communities with public buildings schools, streets, sports places

• Operators of hospitals, senior residences, nursing homes

• Hotel and Restaurant owners

• Private home owners



Services  overview


  • Support for your international shippings

    You are not in a Position to ship/export  into some countries. We assist you.

  • Sourcing of components

    You need to find replacements for obsolete components. We source for you and evaluate compatible replacements.

  • Technical Support on site.

    You may need technical support on site for electrical, electromechanical and mechanical engineering and wire processing. We assist you starting with "Fact finding" providing the proposal for servicing your product on site, for training and / or repair.

  • Defining a concept for conversion of  existing lighting to LED technology

    Our team provides you with the proposal for retrofitting your conventional lighting  using LED Technology.

  • Optimize exixting lighting

    We optimize your lighting system according to the actual guidelinse and directives using LED technology.

  • Customizing

    You want something special, an indiviaual lighting system. We are your partner, from design to the finished product, including long term availability of spareparts.

  • Projectmanagement

    We provide you with the lighting concept for your application using "RELUX" software as planning tool.


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