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The Light of the Future

Handy,efficient, with Long life cycle easy controllable LED and OLED revolutionize the lighting technology


The excellent energy and power performance is the result of a long development phase.

Todays LED-Technology alloews a much more efficient Lighting System. The optimized design and interaction of all components as Lenses optics, converter and Controllers is therefore most important.




Long Lifespan


LED lighting systems have a lifespan which is 5-10 times higher. This reduces the service costs over the Life Cycle  .



Even more …!


• Using LED-Products you can design optimized lighting sources with less light Pollution.

• Easy retrofit of conventional luminaires. Contact us!

• Easy optimizing the colour temperature of LED-Luminaires using ccorresponding components.

Individual control of each single luminaire

Reduce energy consumption up to 70%


Energy consumption of LED’s is much less than conventional lighting Systems and at the same time they produce more light.



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Our products are designer to the foloowing Standards:





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