Our products are produced by most modern manufacturing processes. They have a very long life span.
All products leaving our shop are fully tested.

We are an  independent company. We do not have suppliers contracts, therefore we are in a position to look for the best product to suit your requirements.

Street Lighting /
Outdoor Lighting

With the use of sensors and programmable light profiles, our products can be adapted to the Special requirements of your Project.

HIT   LED-Tube

T8 Fluorescent tubes can be replaced by LED T8 Tubes. Effect: more and better light, less energy consumption.

T8 LED Tubes are available with motion detector.

Lighting for industrial areas

Modification of existing Lighting: LED High Bay Light instead of conventional Flood lighting.

Retrofitting, Customizing

To realize a new luminaire using LED, we Support you.

There are no limits for creativity. Get in contact with us!

Interior lighting

LED allows completely new lighting concepts in Offices, working areas, living Environments.

With the use of LED components, light can be adapted with colour and intensity. Bright light (sunlight) for activities, warm light to relax.






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