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Our products are produced with modern manufacturing technologies and one of their advantages is the Long life span.

Lighting Technology

You want to move forward to LED lighting Systems. We Support you - call us!

LED Technology

LED Luminaires, the light of the future. Discover the advantages of LED


Plug & Play

Cost and energy savings

You want to keep the existing design of your luminaire?


No Problem: We modify existing luminaires, install LED components without changing the design.

Easy:  remove existing lighting lamp (tube) – install LED lighting – done!


Standard Fluorescent tubes light bulbs (Edison) can be replaced by LED products of newest generation.

Find your product: visit our shop

Approximately 50% less power consumption for the same lighting power

low energy consumption

better light efficience – less development of heat

 longer lifespan

more illuminating power

less harmful substances

LED = sustainable and efficient


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